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Updated: Nov 8, 2018

“Everyone is a genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live it’s whole life believing it is stupid” -Albert Einstein

Our aspiration for our life’s work, or more specifically, our career, is that it will be: a) Secure and long lasting b) Financially rewarding, c) Emotionally satisfying d) Abundant scope for growth

Now most people believe there is a certain set formula to achieve these major objectives. In India, so far, this formula is oriented towards being eligible for a well paying job after a Technical Degree or a Masters degree. While this works for some, I can’t help but wonder - does this always check all those boxes?

So far, the thought process we as Indians apply towards careers relies largely our ‘one size fits all’ attitude. This means we respect certain streams of study, and simply dismiss others. We believe that Engineers or Doctors work harder and earn more than Musicians or Sportsmen. But the reality is that income in a certain career is related more to the skill of the professional than to the career itself. A career that may be fulfilling for one person may not be as easy or enjoyable for another. This should be taken into account more than anything else, because if you dislike your work and you are not good at it, then doing well in your career is a massive struggle, isn’t it?

A big fact that most of us tend to take for granted is that we as individuals bring our own uniqueness into what we do in a workplace. Each of us has a certain skill set, certain talents that can be nurtured, and a certain set of experiences that makes us different from the crowd. Instead of exploring this uniqueness, we ignore it and bury it. So here’s the big secret to career satisfaction:

The things that make us different are the things that make us valuable!

It is so easy to forget that if we do exactly what everyone else does, that makes us easily replaceable and hence less valuable.

The best way to choose your career is to take into account all the factors that you hold valuable, and dispel all these myths and biases. Working at something for the heck of earning money is a concept of the past. Every individual can combine their passions, skills and inherent uniqueness and find a career best suited for them without compromising on anything. Interdisciplinary careers are coming up in a big way, too, and you no longer have to follow a conventional path. With the right research and guidance, it is possible to find a career that brings out the best of your skills and talents.

For example, a student who has studied Mechanical Engineering but always wanted to work in sports can become a Sports Equipment Designer; someone who has studied Psychology and always had an interest in dance can be a Dance Therapist; someone who has studied in any Medicine field with an interest in Management can opt for Hospital Personnel Management; and so on.

So, in a nutshell, instead of following this mythical career formula to replicate someone else’s

career journey, let’s look at our own strengths and interest, and apply them in our decisioning process. . If our career is in line with our own uniqueness, the career will be rewarding and the chances to earn well are much higher!

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