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Updated: Dec 29, 2018

Find your sky. Spread your wings. Claim your infinity!

It is rightly said that one of the most important attributes of the human species is to be socially interactive. Amongst other pre-requisites for evolution of our culture, the inherent urge for interaction with fellow human beings - called 'Networking' in modern parlance - has given a great advantage to us humans, which makes us what we all are. But at the same time, our peculiar genetic composition has provided each of us with a uniqueness often characterized by our ability to chart a special course in our journey of life. Often it takes a solo flight to reach your selected goal.

We are aware that nature has equipped us with the capacity to ‘think’ and ‘decide’ the path we choose to reach the destination. Yet, we sometimes go wrong in the endeavor.  Is it because we ignore or forget to take into account the Inner voice’?  This voice, or the calling of our heart, when tempered by reasoning – a quality of head - manifests itself into a human emotion called intuition.

So from my own experience, I am sharing here a few tips that helped me to find this balance. I hope they will enable you to enjoy your work, while attaining the material gain and fame you so well deserve.

      Ø Listen to your heart, but keep your eyes open: As someone rightly said, “the best way to make your dreams come true, is to wake up”. Once you have made up your mind of what is your true calling, don’t stop yourself from acting on it due to what we can call ‘action paralysis’. Build a month-by-month plan and follow it up diligently.

     Ø Being a social animal, believe in “Team Work”- but always concentrate on both i.e. Team and Work: Remember that if you want to make a significant contribution to the world, going solo can only take you so far. Don’t underestimate the power of collaboration.

     Ø Avoid self-delusion at all costs: Be your own biggest critic. Knowing your weaknesses is as important as knowing your strengths. Identify what are your flaws, gaps, things that hold you back, and consciously work towards overcoming them.

      Ø Strive for long term gains, rather than short term profits: and know the value of taking risks.

     Ø Anticipate & prepare to meet any situation: The blindfolded only tumble & fall. As you make your plan to reach your goal, always keep an alternate plan B ready in the eventuality that plan A may not succeed.

Ashish Dasgupta Guest Columnist at The Potter's Earth

The Author :

Col. Ashish Dasgupta is a guest columnist for The Potter's Earth. A civil engineer by qualification and a retired Army Officer by profession, Colonel Ashish Dasgupta has traveled the length and breadth of the country in the last 35 years. Through his travels and postings to various places and interactions with a host of interesting people, he has kept alive his passionate love for books and writing, and boasts of a closely-guarded personal collection of rare and interesting books gathered painstakingly over the years.

An avid reader and an animated story-teller, Col Dasgupta's latest passion is regaling his grandkids with stories and building in them the passion for following their dreams!

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