Career Selection - THEN and NOW!

Whatever you decide to do, make sure it makes you happy - Paulo Coelho

Most of today’s parents, and that includes me, grew up without any option to explore probable career choices that mapped to their capabilities and skills. In fact, our generation never even thought of looking for other options as our mind was already conditioned from an early age towards the career path decided by our parents. Whether good or bad, those were the days when a profession was treated as more of a family legacy- an engineer’s son went to engineering college and a banker’s daughter looked for coaching classes to prepare for banking exams. We were so influenced by the social surroundings, peer pressure and financial constraints that we just walked on the path charted out for us without spending enough time questioning ourselves whether we really wanted to tread that path or not. We never introspected whether we were going to enjoy working in that profession all the way into our sunset days.

You would expect that we would turn out to be better parents in today’s connected world of endless career options, but unfortunately, we are doing the same thing to our children.

When there is a mismatch between a student’s personality and professional studies, the productivity of the student is adversely impacted. This could lead to demotivation, dissatisfaction and disenchantment that may result into severe depression due to acute fear of failure. That is why it is critical to treat the subject of career selection with the utmost sensitivity and priority. 

However wise the parents may be and however smart their child, this critical discussion around career choices requires a specialist to intervene and guide both the parents and child towards a more harmonious choice. While we may not have got the right help when we needed it during our growing years, it doesn’t mean our kids have to go through the same experience. A career specialist bridges the gap between the parents and their child’s career priorities and finds the balance between a child’s interests and their personality. 

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About the Author

Meghna is a career Educationist who holds an Engineering Degree in Computer Sciences backed with an MBA in Human Resources. She has deep industry experience in the Education Sector spanning across teaching, program delivery, operations, admissions to sales and marketing. As a career expert she has lead programs delivering personality development, right skilling, career-oriented training for numerous students & professionals from highly varied backgrounds. She has worked for multiple prestigious institutions like Dr. Reddy’s Foundation (DRF) and Manipal University, in her 15 years of professional life spanning across India, US and Middle East.Meghna believes that while the huge availability of career options today is a boon for our young generation, making the right choice has become much more difficult than what it used to be a couple of decades back. This firm belief, in the complexity involved in making rational career choices today, drives her to enable young minds in defining a future that they would be happy living in. She is passionate about seeking our flag bearers of tomorrow, wherever they are in the world, and to help them pursue their dreams in a systematic, objective way.

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