Why build a community?

"Alone, we can do so little. Together we can do so much."

- Helen Keller

One of life's most persistent and urgent questions has always been - What are you doing for others?


The Potter's Earth has always believed in the power of community. We have always had the confidence that when like-minded people come together to achieve one goal, the results can truly be astounding.


Hence, we continuously strive to bring together people with common purpose and vision who have the zeal to bring about a change in the lives and futures of students.


Our community of 100+ coaches, trainers and mentors all understand the importance of collaboration and are people of exemplary lives.


if you are interested in coaching or counseling, or working with students one-on-one


Take up our certification program to become a PE Certified Career Coach and work with students to help them make career choices. Our coaching certification trains you in our unique coaching process, equips you with career information to help your coachees and gives you access to our unique Career Development Test to aide your coaching process

Become a Career Coach


if you are a seasoned professional in your field and want to share your story and journey with students

We are glad to invite professionals to be part of our network of Career Mentors to share their work experiences and life lessons with students and rub off on to them some of the passion that they have for their work. Students are eager to know how it feels and what it takes to be a successful professional in each field, and what better than to hear it from the horse's mouth!

Join our Mentor Network


if you are an organisation looking for a partner with an impactful program for your CSR initiatives

The Potter's Earth works with various organizations on the development and enhancement of the careers of students from low income groups. We believe that education is the only tool that gives students equal opportunities to excel in life, irrespective of their background.  Our up-skilling and educational programs refine these students for a successful career journey

Contribute to our Causes

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“I learned how to voice my opinions and stand for my beliefs. The classes were interactive and fun and the teachers were friendly. I would highly recommend The Potter's Earth to those who are looking to grow and develop themselves.”

— Rashi Thaliya, Student